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Atlas: 6K & 10K Input/Output Connections "Recommended"

This article applies to models: 6K and10K Atlas Series.

If you want to download the User's Manual of this UPS, click HERE.
In this article we are going to present the correct way to do the connections in your Atlas

From the 220V electrical panel two poles, located on the left hand, entered the UPS terminal block 6K or 10K. This is done with two lines or phases (Black and Red), this will be connected to the screws (L) and (N). Also we are going to do the same with the green line or land line that will be connected to the ground screw in the chassis of the UPS. 

From the bridge or link between N1 and L2 (Grey Line) connect it to another ground screw or connect the line that goes to the electrical panel output or ground connection point on the panel. 

From N1 and N2 of the terminal block, another line is removed, and sent it to the Neutral position in the output panel, it is also gray. 

Now the phases or line if black and red current L1 and N2 are connected to the electrical output. 

You can see the image of the connections below: