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Elipse: Parallel Connection

The following article applies for the models listed below:

UPS Online: Elipse (EL-6K, EL-10K).

On this article, we will explain how to connect the EL-6K / EL-10K on parallel mode.


This parallel connection consist of two main connections: 

* Electrical Connection (electrical voltage Lines)
* Data Connection (Parallel cable)

The Maximum of UPS you can connect in this configuration is 3 so this connection allows to have redundancy of N+1 (Using 2 UPS) and N+2 (Using 3 UPS).

The configuation increases the amps and capacity therefore:


6K + 6K = 12Kva (60 amps)
6K + 6K +6K = 18Kva (90 amps)


10K + 10K = 20K (100 amps)
10K + 10K + 10K = 30K (150 amps)

Please follow the steps below to connect your UPS on parallel mode:

1. Make sure each UPS works on single mode.

2. Connect the Input / Output according to the images and type of connection you are using (2 UPS or 3 UPS). The input and output of each UPS should be connected together , they most get to a common cable.
For example Line and Line 1 from UPS 1 should be connected respectively to Line and Line 1 of UPS 2. This common cable then will go to the Main electical panel box.



Parallel connection for 2 UPS

Parallel connection for 3 UPS

3. Disconnect the jumper JP1 - JP2 from all the UPS.


4. Connect the Parallel data cable (25 pins). Most recommended to be a DB-25 male/female cable.

Note: You can connect the data cable on either the input or the output of the UPS, is doesn´t have any order as long as the UPS are connected among each other.

5. Open the maintenance switch and change the switch from UPS to Bypass.

6. Turn ON the UPS and make sure it works on Inverter mode , you can do this by keeping the Battery breaker OFF.

7. Measure the voltage between JP1 and JP2 of the each UPS, there most not be more than 1V.

8. Measure the voltage between JP2 and JP2 among the UPS. (Ex: JP2 of UPS1 and JP2 of UPS 2)

9. Turn OFF the UPS and change the maintenance switch from Bypass to UPS. Closed the cover otherwise the UPS will remain in Bypass.

10. Turn ON the UPS and the Battery breaker.