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Elipse: Label Correction

The following article applies for the models listed below:

UPS Online: Elipse (EL-6K, EL-10K).

Some of our models do not have the correct label on the Input/Output of the UPS.

As you can see on the image below the Label shows on the Input a N (Neutral) and L (Line or Phase) which suggest that is a single-phase UPS.
It also shows on the Output N1 and L2 which is incorrect since both of them are Neutral as you can conclude from the Jumper that joins them.


That 1st label is incorrect, in fact the UPS is a two-phase UPS and it needs two phases to work correctly (L and L1). As you can see on the picture below the label has being corrected to show this. Any 208, 220, 230,240V input connection is compatible and will work for the UPS.

The UPS does not need a Neutral connection on the Input. It does need a Ground connected to it. The Neutral lines on the Output are delivered from the Internal Transformer of the UPS.

On the Output of the corrected label you can see the Neutral N1 and N2, therefore voltage between L1 and N1 (L2 and N2) will be 120V and between L1 and L2 will be 240V by default.

Please keep this in mind when Installing your UPS to your power outlets.