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Atlas: FDC-003K Input/Output Connections

The following article applies for the models listed below:

UPS Online: Atlas FDC-003K.

On this article, we will explain how to connect the FDC-003K on the input and output connections.

You will see at the back two bar connectors, one is for the Input at the left and the Output at the right side. Both outlets are labeled with "Phase" (L), "Neutral" (N) and "Ground" (GND) as shown on the image below.

Also this FDC-003K comes with a cable for NEMA L5-30P 220V connectors with 3 cables inside (10AWG). We recommend to connect this cable to the FDC-003K as follows (using the UNE-21089 Standard Electrical Color codes):
BLACK = To one 110VAC phase (L)

WHITE = To Neutral (N)

GREEN = To Ground (GND)

Also on the output you will connect this FDC-003K using this color array or using the designed electrical connections for the 3 cable outputs.