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Atlas: How to install a FDC-3000RUL Atlas Rack UPS

The following article applies for the models listed below:

UPS Online: Atlas FDC-3000RUL.
UPS Online: Atlas FDC-1500RUL.

On this article we will explain how to install an Atlas FDC-3000RUL Online UPS:

1. When you turn on your UPS at the first time, you will see the display with 0VAC and a "NC" message on it, indicates that the UPS does not have the internal battery bank connected. See image below.

Picture 1

2. Remove the black cover at the front of the UPS, do this by pulling the cover from left to right. Then with a Screwdriver, remove the 4 screws where is located the internal power battery bank.

Picture 2

3. You will see the connectors of the internal battery bank disconnected as shown on the image below.

Picture 3

4. Connect the internal battery bank connectors and place again the front cover of the UPS.

Picture 4

5. Turn on the UPS. You will see that the UPS shows the correct Voltage input and the "OK" message on the display. See image below.

Picture 5
6. Place the main cover of the UPS.

Picture 6