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Atlas: Parallel Connections

The following article applies for the models listed below:

UPS Online: Atlas FDC-006K and FDC-010K.

On this article, we will explain how to connect the FDC-006K / FDC-010K on parallel mode.
This parallel connection consist of two main connections: 

* Electrical Connection (electrical voltage Lines)
* Data Connection (Parallel cable)

Please follow the guide to ensure the correct mode of these UPS are connected in parallel.

1. Make the electrical connection as shown below: 

***Important*** Connect the Neutral uninsulated between each UPS. (This is the point of reference for Electrical transformer).

If you do not connect the Neutral uninsulated between UPS, is possible to get permanent damage. 

2. Connect the output of each UPS to an output breaker. 

3. Connect all Output Breakers to a Main Breaker, this last one is the one that will be connected to the charge. 

4. If you are going to use external banks each UPS has to be connected to an individual bank, if you use just one bank, this will cause permanent damage to the UPS. 

5. Connect the two parallel cables between each UPS, the communication cable (DB-25) and the load balancing cable as shown in the following picture: 

Once the connection above is ready, check the following: 

1. Check the input voltage and make sure it is the same for all UPS. (208, 220, 230, or 240V)

2. Turn on the UPS and Battery breaker located behind the UPS. 

3. If this is successfully, the following screen configuration will show up in the UPS: 

3. Check the output voltage on Bypass Mode with the Single Output Breaker on. 

4. Then turn the other Individual Output Breaker ensuring that the output is the same in each UPS, should not be a difference of more than 1V between the output of the UPS. 

5. Once all this is verified TURN OFF the UPS and output breaker. (This will save the configuration). 

6. Turn the UPS in the normal way to start the parallel mode.