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ViewPower PRO SNMP Software Overview

This article applies to models: FDC-003K, FDC-006K and FDC-010K Atlas Series.

This article is an overview of all the features in ViewPower PRO SNMP Manager.
Guidelines (Press the topic to browse content)
Opening the Viewpower Software
1. Go to your task bar and look for ViewPower PRO icon "Right-Click" and select "Open Monitor".

2. Your default browse will open the "localhost:15178/ViewPowerPro/" and you will see the main page. Below you can see the navigators tab. 

Monitor View

In this Tab you will see all registered UPS in the same network. Providing you the UPS, input/output and battery information.

Settings Tab

Settings tab: Password

Here you can change the Administrator password for a new one.
Settings tab: Group Area
In this Tab you can change the name of the UPS you are monitoring.
Settings tab: UPS Settings

This Tab will help you to identified all the UPS you  have add it. Also you can filter by "Group Area, Port or UPS Name" so you can find the one you want to check.
Settings tab: SMS

You can configure the SMS in this Tab, so you can receive text message if there are any change behavior with the UPS. Remember this setting is "Optional" if you want this feature you will have to contact you IT department or Network Security department and your Phone Provider.
Settings tab: E-mail
You can set in this Tab several e-mail accounts or the person you want to be at knowledge every moment about the status of your UPS by e-mail. Remember this setting is "Optional" if you want this feature you will have to contact you IT department or Network Security department.

Settings tab: Load Configuration

General information for the devices if the Wake on LAN is enable on the UPS, power option, etc.
Settings tab: Event Action

This Tab provided you information about what is happening with the UPS.
Settings tab: Log Settings

You can set the period of time you want the logs to be refreshing. You can leave this as default.
Settings tab: EMD Setting

You can set or change the alarm settings, you can configure the dry contact configuration and the contact event.
Settings tab: ModBus Communication Setting
Here you can set the Port, Devices ID, Baud rate, Data Bit, Stop Bit, Parity. You can leave this as default.

Settings tab: SNMP Manager

You can add the first 3 hexadecimal of the network, so the SNMP Manager can recognize any UPS under that network.

Schedule Tab
Schedule Tab: Scheduled ON/OFF
You can set the UPS at what time and when you want to turn ON and OFF.
Schedule Tab: Schedule Battery Self-Test

Here you can set when the battery can do self-test to see his performance.

Schedule Tab: Wake on LAN Schedule
This Tab let you configure when the UPS will be wake up by LAN.

History Tab
History Tab: Event Log
You can see the events that are happening with the UPS in the network.

History Tab: Event Statistics
You can verify the Statistics of various event of the UPS.
History Tab: Data
You will see a general information of your UPS features by time.

History Tab: Diagram
You can check the regulation levels.

History Tab: EMD Logs

This will give you information of the Time, Temperature, Humidity of the UPS.