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ViewPower PRO SNMP Software Installation

This article applies to models: FDC-003K, FDC-006K and FDC-010K Atlas Series.
This article will guide you to install the SNMP Manager on your computer.

Guidelines (Press the topic to browse):

1. Verify the SNMP Card
2. LED's Status in the Ethernet Port
3. SNMP Card Installation and Hardware Connections
4. SNMP Card Setup
5. SNMP Network Setup

1. Verify the SNMP Card

The network card selected for this UPS, need to have 4 essentials points.

1. Ethernet Port
2. Sensor Port
3. Golden Finger: for connect to UPS slot. 
4. Status light in the Ethernet Port.

2. LEDs Status in the Ethernet Port


3. SNMP Card Installation and Hardware Connections

Proceed with the following steps to install and connect the SNMP Manager:

1. Remove the cover of the intelligent slot on the back panel of the UPS and retain the screws.

2. Slide the card into the open slot and secure with the screws from the step#1.

3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the SNMP Manager. (Ethernet cable is RJ-45 network cable).

4. Use one more Ethernet cable and make the connection in the Sensor Port of the SNMP Manager and the other end of the Ethernet cable go to the optional environmental monitoring device.


4. SNMP Card Setup 

a. Insert the ViewPower PRO Installation CD in your PC. Depending of your PC settings, the software may starts right away or you will have to do it manually. In this case we proceed to do it manually. 

b. When you insert the CD go to MY PC and select CD_ROM to open ViewPower PRO 1.4: 

c. Select ViewPower Pro Folder and then your O.S. (Operative System) and run the corresponding program. In this case we are going to use Windows.
d. For few second we wait until the installer shows up, to proceed with the installation. 
e. When the first part of the installation is done, the setup windows will be displayed. Choose your lenguage and then press "OK" button.
f. Press "Next"
g. In this part you can choose the path where you want the installation be done. If don ´t leave it by default. When you are done press "Next"
h. Here you can add the icon of the product, choose "Start Menu" then "Next".
i. Choose "Install" And all the components will be installed on your computer. 
j. Choose "Finish" 
k. After the installation you will see 2 important icons. One in your desktop and one in your task bar.

5. SNMP Network Setup

a. In your task bar "Right-Click" in the ViewPower PRO icon and select "SNMP Manager".

b. Enter the specific IP Address to search all SNMP devices in LAN. The SNMP Manager will automatically collect the IP Address from server by default, via DHCP. It will apply default IP Address of, default Subnet Mask and default Gateway without a DHCP server.

c. The user can modify IP setting, online upgrade, password management, and the static trap address setting in SNMP Manager interface. It is necessary to enter password for any medications. The default password is "12345678".

NOTE: If you need to access as "Admin (Administrator)" the password is "administrator" whitout the quotes and lowercases.