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Forza SNMP - Access

This article explains the steps to access the default SNMP card via the web.

There are 2 ways to access the SNMP. 

1. Via a router that is set up to work in the same network the SNMP cards is.
2. Set a computer to work in the same network as the SNMP and connect the computer directly to the SNMP LAN Pot.

Since the first option is kindly rare for technicians to do, we┬┤ll do the second option. Setting up the computer to access the SNMP.

As you know you should get a little guide when you buy the SNMP card from your dealer. If you read the guide, it tells you, that you need to set up the Ethernet adapter of your computer to work in the same network the SNMP is. 

The network the SNMP is working is the IP Address with a Subnet Mask 

So basically you need to set up your Ethernet adapter to work in that segment. So in your Ethernet adapter, you will put the IP Address and the same Subnet Mask and save the configuration. 

Once the settings are complete, open your browser and type the IP Address of the SNMP to access to his configuration page. 

Below an image to where you need to do this. 

A. Go to Control Panel choose Network and Sharing Center then choose to Change the Adapter Settings
B. Right-Click the Ethernet Adapter choose Properties 
C. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then click Properties
D. Choose to Use the following IP Address fill the corresponded fields and save the configuration.