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Winpower: General Information

The following article applies for the models listed below:

UPS Interactive: SL-501 (D), SL-502 (A)(C)(U), SL-751 (D), SL-752 (A)(C)(U) , SL-1001 (N)(D), SL-1002 (A)(C)(U) , CL-750,

UPS Online: Ellipse (EL-3K, EL-6K, EL-10K)

The Winpower Software is a Java based software compatible with our previous SL series and Online UPS. This software is compatible with Windows, MAC OS and Linux OS systems. (Actually discontinued from factory).


The Installation Serial Number or Password  for Winpower is: 511C1-01220-0100-478DF2A

The Administrator password is: "Administrator" (Capital A)