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FUA-1090 Compatibility List

This applies for model: FUA-1090 (Universal AC Adapter).


This Universal adapter FUA-1090 was designed for most of the Notebooks / Netbooks generic batteries, this device comes with 11 different connector plugs called "Smart tips", enabling it to work with the vast majority of laptops available on the market. Also includes a separate USB port to charge any phone / mp3 / pheripheral device that uses a USB port for charging.


NOTE: Selecting the wrong voltaje can damage your machine. Look in the User's manual of your notebook for the correct voltaje, which can also be found on the description label of your machine. The voltage selected is shown on the LED display of this charger when a specific tip is attached to the "snap-and-lock" DC connector.

Please check this compatibility list and choose the correct smart tip for your Notebook / Netbook and then connect this tip to the "snap-and-lock" DC connector to use it: